Thursday, October 19, 2006

ProWealthSolutions - October Momentum



Thanks to our awesome members, the incredible value in our products, the most powerful compensation program in the industry, great training, and a killer system to help you promote, ProWealthSolutions continues to break records!

Congratulations to all of our members who are committed to achieving their goals with ProWealthSolutions. As you can see, and as you read further down in this update, we are constantly adding more and more powerful tools and products to help you grow your business fast and MAXIMIZE your results.

Perfect Timing!

In the home based business industry, as in any industry, there are always times of the year when new growth is at it's peak. Right NOW, we are in the heart of the fastest growing time of year in the home based business industry. September, October, November, and the beginning of December are the BIGGEST months of the year in this industry. That means the people who stay focused now and set the foundation for their business are going to see the most momentum and duplication in their teams as we approach the new year through summer, which is the next
most powerful time of year!

So set your goals and stay committed. We are just getting started!


This Week's ProWealthSolutions Conference Call Schedule:

The call starts at 6:30 pm pst/ 7:30 pm mst/
8:30 pm cst/9:30 pm est.

The call starts at 9:00 am pst/ 10:00 am mst/
11:00 am cst/12:00 pm est.

The call starts at 6:30 pm pst/ 7:30 pm mst/
8:30 pm cst/9:30 pm est.

For All Calls Dial 641 793 7500 pin 564837#
*All calls will be recorded and posted on the site to refer back to anytime.



BIG things are happening with ProWealthSolutions!

As you may have noticed the Stock Market Training program has been added to the Training page. We will also be adding it to the Retail sales page and hosting a conference call on it in the near future.

Due to popular demand as more and more of our members are achieving rank advancements each month to qualify for the Power Pools, we have added an AWESOME tracking function so you can see how close you are to achieving the next higher rank or maintaining your current one. Just click on Genealogy, then on Matrix, and right above the matrix you will see a link to view your Projected Rank. Check out that page. It is AWESOME!

More and more members are making money with their mortgage and credit repair
businesses along with the retail sales. In fact, it looks like our top member will earn $3,500 this month just for referring 4 mortgages that should all close by the end of the month. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

The business cards are almost complete. We've gotten a few drafts back from the
designers that weren't quite up to the level of excellence that we expect from our
vendors, so the new ones will be here shortly and made available to help you
promote your business even more!

Keep an eye on your email and on your site for more exciting updates!

Have an awesome day and keep up the great work!

-YOUR ProWealthSolutions Success Team

Alejandro Reyes


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

ProWealthSolutions - Real Estate Training Call Tonight


October 11, 2006

Good Morning Alejandro Reyes


Congratulations to all of our members who earned a check last month and welcome to
ALL of our awesome members across the globe. Now in 86 countries throughout the world, ProWealthSolutions is continuing to grow each and every week and give our members more and more long term value that can truly help anyone create a lifetime of financial independence.

Remember, there are TWO powerful ways to make money with ProWealthSolutions. The first one is in the compensation plan, which is provably the most generous in the industry. The second is in our EXCLUSIVE multiple streams of income training that is ONLY available to members of PWS!

We have already hosted some of the most powerful training calls to help you make money in the credit repair industry as well as the trillion dollar mortgage industry. In fact many of our member have already started earning serious money from both of these income streams. Be sure to listen to the recorded training calls in the Training Call Library to learn how you can add THOUSANDS a month to your income by plugging into these major industries.

To continue our training series, and to help our members earn even MORE, TONIGHT we are hosting our first LIVE REAL ESTATE TRAINING CALL!

This call will be hosted by one of the top real estate investors/trainers in the country.

Join us tonight to learn:

- How to generate long term cash flow in real estate
- How to make BIG profits with quick flips
- Understading the marketplace
- Locating deals
- Building your network
- Intro to making money with no money down


The call starts at 7:00 pm pst/ 8:00 pm mst/
9:00 pm cst/10:00 pm est.

Dial 641 793 7500 pin 564837#

*If you can't make the call, don't worry. It will be recorded and posted on the site to refer back to anytime.



Remember, the BEST way to get into profit the fastest in the ProWealthSolutions compensation plan is to personally enroll THREE members in ProWealthSolutions so that you qualify for the BRONZE pool. This will give you in FAST START money, PLUS your monthly commissions will exceed your monthly membership fee meaning you are essentially getting PAID to have full access to ALL of the powerful training that PWS offers!

The new stock market training program will be up on the site this week, along with
some other exciting information.

Tomorrow is another exciting pay run for Fast Start Bonuses for all members who
signed up between September 29th through October 5th. So if you enrolled a
new member during that period, keep an eye out for another commission!

We've got some BIG things in place team that are going to make ProWealthSolutions a true legend in the industry. Even though we are breaking records in terms of growth and commissions paid out, we have not even begun to scratch the surface of what you will see down the road with PWS. Join us on our LIVE CALL TONIGHT for a sneak preview of new announcements of what's coming down the pike!

Have an awesome day and keep up the great work!

-YOUR ProWealthsolutions Success Team

Alejandro Reyes
First Platinum Member


Thursday, October 05, 2006

ProWealthSolutions - 2 Weeks Into Launch


It's been just over 2 weeks of the official launch of ProWealthSolutions and things keep ROCKIN!! ProWealthSolutions keeps adding people everyday and members are being paid.

Today marks the 2nd Big Payout from ProWealthSolutions as today they will be paying out the ProWealthSolutions Bonus Pools, Matching Bonuses, and Infinity Bonuses.

It should be great. Stay Tuned for my next ProWealthSolutions blog post as I'll let you know what my check was this week.

Alejandro Reyes
ProWealthSolutions Platinum


Monday, September 11, 2006

ProWealthSolutions - Launch Week Member Update

Updates and Announcements

We are just 4 days away from our official launch of ProWealthSolutions and could not be launching at a better time!


If you look at the 50+ year history of the network marketing industry, September, October, and November are the BIGGEST months of the year in terms of new people joining a home based business.

The kids are back in school, the summer is over, people have bills to pay, and realize that they need a way to make more money.

In addition to that, we are in a desperate time right now as the average household income is significantly less than it's been in recent years compared to the increasing costs of living. People have more debt and worse credit than any recent time. And there are no signs that any of that is going to change anytime soon.

People need help and we have THE ANSWER!

Talk about perfect timing. Our timing could not be MORE perfect! There is not another company in the entire industry offering people the financial tools and strategies to get their finances back on track AND to add thousands to their monthy income by taking advantage of ProWealthSolutions MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME product line!

Now Its Up To YOU!

With ProWealthSolutions official launch coming up on Friday, NOW is the time to put your foot on the gas and start driving traffic to your website!

Remember, the more ProWealthSolutions pre-enrollees who visit your site, the more members sign up. The more members who sign up, the bigger your Matrix pay, Matching bonuses, and Power Pools!

So let's make it another HUGE WEEK!


Leadership Call Wednesday!

Join us Wednesday night at 10pm est/7pm pst for an EXCITING Leadership call where
we will announce some new products and introduce you to some of our experts!

Dial 641 793 7500 pin 564837#

The call starts at 10pm est/ 9pm cst/ 8pm mst/ 7pm pst.

Be sure to dial in a few minutes early as the call will be SOLD OUT!

*If you can't make the call, don't worry. It will be recorded and posted on the site
on Thursday.


Congratulations to everyone who earned a ProWealthSolutions commission in August!

By now almost everyone who has earned a commission for the month of August has logged into their system and selected how they want to receive their earnings.

There are still a few, however, who have not.

IMPORTANT: If you are showing a commission for August in your My Earnings section and have not received it yet, make sure you click on the link to select how you want to receive that commission and it will be released within 48 hours.

Anyone who selected the check option, there was a slight delay this week as we had so many checks to print and send out that they went out on Saturday instead of Thursday. So you should still receive them this week. Just give it a couple extra days. All future checks will be sent out on Thursdays as promised!

Other than that, we are well on track for our BIG LAUNCH ON FRIDAY! So keep watching your ProWealthSolutions website this week for new products and announcements.

Have an awesome day and we'll see you at the TOP,

-YOUR PWS Success Team

PS. Here's a quick tip for those of you who have not noticed. In the My Earnings section, where it shows the amount of your earnings, if you click on that amount, it will open up a breakdown of all of your commissions.

It doesn't look like a link you can click on, but it is. Check it out! It's really


Thursday, August 31, 2006

ProWealthSolutions - Update (After the Call)

This is a quick update for ProWealthSolutions.

ProWealthSolutions announced a new squeeze page as some tools in the back office.

Another exciting ProWealthSolutions update was the new flash movie coming out.

Ben Glinsky (ProWealthSolutions Owner) says, "It's a 6 minutes video that will explain the 'whole' ROCKS!"

Stay posted on all the latest news and updates regarding ProWealthSolutions.

Alejandro Reyes
ProWealthSolutions' FIRST Platinum Member


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

ProWealthSolutions - ProWealthSolutions Update August 29th, 2006

August 29, 2006 (Update from Corporate)

Good Morning ProWealthSolutions Team

Updates And Events!

We hope everyone in having an awesome week.

We were going to wait until after our official launch to start with our POWERFUL ProWealthSolutions training series, but since we are so far ahead of schedule and because of the incredible growth we've been experiencing, we're going to get it kicked off TONIGHT!

Each and every month here at ProWealthSolutions, we are going to introduce you to some of the top experts in their fields to teach you the secrets and strategies that the pros are using to create multiple streams of income so that you can go out and do the same. As powerful as that is, however, without the confidence and belief in yourself to turn those strategies into action, it's tough to get results.

So we're starting off our ProWealthSolutions
training series with one of the TOP motivational speakers and success coaches in the WORLD to help you build your self confidence and give you the believe in yourself so that you can empower yourself to be UNSTOPPABLE!

6:00pm pst/9:00 pm est




The call starts at 6 pm pst / 7 pm mst /8 pm cst /9 pm est

Dial: 641 793 7500 pin: 564837#

This call is for ProWealthSOLUTIONS MEMBERS ONLY. Be sure to dial in a few minutes early as this call
WILL fill up fast!


Remember, FAST START Commissions are paid weekly, while matrix pay, matching bonuses, powerline pay, and power pools are paid monthly. Fast Start commissions are the paid out when you personally enroll a new member.

You have already qualified to earn a powerline commission by locking in your
position in the powerline and that commission will be paid out on Sept 7 for all
August volume, including the matrix pay, matching bonuses, and power pools.

If you are showing a commission in your My Earnings page but have not
received an email to claim it, email to help you
track it down.

You may have also noticed that our new lead capture page is available in your My Website Address link. A third landing page is coming shortly focused on retailing the product, along with our awesome flash movie presentation to help you explain the business quick and easy.

Keep up the great work, and we'll see you at the TOP!

-YOUR ProWealthSolutions Success Team


Sunday, August 27, 2006

ProWealthSolututions - Live Training Monday (Special Speaker)

Dear ProWealthSolutions Team,

I've got some exciting news and a tele-seminar coming for YOU this Monday night for read on...

I've been able to land a deal to have my Super-Start Marketing Friend, _______, to do some training for My Team in ProWealthSolutions this Monday night.

_______ has helped manage a Million Dollar year Internet Marketing company and is considered an expert in Online Marketing.

I've asked him to come on and share with you some of his success and how he has created several streams of income online.

This Tele-Seminar will be FREE to my ProWealthSolutions Team, and is a Q&A type call.

So do me a favor, email this to your ProWealthSolutions downline, get as many questions you can so we can have a POWERFUL call!

The question will be - "What is the single most important question you have about having great amounts of success with marketing online?"

Guys, people fly to Seminars and pay BIG BUCKS to hear these type of guys.

Stay Focused!

Alejandro Reyes
ProWealthSolutions FIRST Platinum